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Monday, 13 April 2009

i need a new life!

i dnt mean to whine and moan on my blog but it's how i feel right now!
i hate alot of things that im doing right now..mainly my job!
i've been moved to my flagship center in the U.K which i thought would be a good move for me.
But i was so wrong, that center is so messed up, i've been there for just about a week and im dreading going back!
life is just long for me now!
And i feel like im not where i need to be, or where i am right now is definately not helping me with where i want to be in the future!
which boils down to the question.
ppl can say yeh im young....i got loadsa a time!
STOP im young but im fucking ambitious man, i wanna make something of myself!!!!!
had a convo with a dear friend, who's going outta the country for quite a bit, to do some soul searching...
this hit me, cos....
1 argh another close friend is leaving me
2 cos when i hinted or gave him the impression that i needed to do just that, he said i dnt need to soul search.....
i do......i need to know what i want, thats y i cnt move...cos i have no idea where i'll be moving to!
sorry for the rant!
but thank you for reading!
update u soon with my bloody life!

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Lyrically Deep said...

Hey Niks fanx 4 my 1st comment aint got time 2 read ur blog yet it's pimped out but after i finish all this uni work i'll read it 4 def... need 2 step my blog-game up 2 ur level. ur on my blogs-i-read list xx